Why Blackfoot

“Every Scout deserves a trained leader.”  This is the mantra and reason behind all Scout Leader training opportunities.  There are so many choices available, and some seem similar to each other.  So, how do you know what is best for you?  What sets Blackfoot (as well as Okama and Green Bar) apart from other scout leader training programs?
Blackfoot is an enhanced training program that combines the contents of Scoutmaster (SM) and Assistant Scoutmaster (ASM) Leader Specific training and Introduction into Outdoor Leadership Skills (IOLS) into one cohesive experience.  Since Blackfoot follows the BSA nationally-recognized materials established for the two courses, the fundamental content is identical to one-day SM & ASM Leader Specific instruction and even the test-out option for IOLS. 
But, Blackfoot adheres to the EDGE principle—Explain, Demonstrate, Guide, Enable—and hence is an immersion experience that cannot be realized with abbreviated classroom style programs.
Not only will you learn the skills necessary to be a great troop leader, you will live the life of a scout. You will experience first-hand what it means to apply the Patrol Method, to rely on your fellow patrol members and to learn from them as well as from Blackfoot staff. 
More importantly, you will participate in—and not merely observe—program activities that can be shared with your units.  You will develop lasting friendships with other scout leaders. I guarantee that you will have lots of fun and learn how rewarding it is to be a scout leader.
Is Blackfoot for everyone?  Probably not, because participating in this enhanced training course takes time and commitment.  But I assure you that your investment will pay back far more dividends than you ever anticipated.

I hope to see you at the next Blackfoot course!

Jim Dvorsky
Course Director, Blackfoot 33